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A company name generator and product name generator.

ZenNamer uses two different methods of name generation to help you create names for companies, products, and services. ZenNamer uses a portmanteau method of combining word sections as well as a name finder technique to help you brainstorm.

Create names for businesses and brands.

ZenNamer helps speed up word associations to generate unique company and product names. ZenNamer uses the same process of association that we all use when brainstorming, but it enhances the process, especially if you're in a creative rut.

ZenNamer is unlike traditional downloadable naming creation software.

Because it runs online, and in your browser, ZenNamer is a name generator that works on all platforms, Macs, Linux, as well as Windows. In addition, because it draws from our extensive online database of words, it's updated regularly, keeping the flow of fresh ideas as tastes and trends change.

We have a FREE version of ZenNamer if you want to try it out, or you can purchase a login (cheap - $16) for the more feature-rich full version.


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